May 23, 2011

1976 Bay City Rollers Concert, Uptown Theater, Chicago

Currently for sale on eBay is a series of photos of a 1976 Bay City Rollers Concert at the Uptown.


Stef said...

Boy, people sure liked wearing plaid back then! :)

Anonymous said...

I was there. With my best friend Laura. Her dad brought us, we were only 13. My first concert and I can still hear the incredible high-pitched screaming of the girls.

gst1962 said...

Me, too. I was there with my girlfriend Tina V. She liked Woody and I liked Les. Dressed in plaid and screamin' like crazy. My Dad dropped us off and picked us up later. Wow, we had fun! Those were the days of great concerts!

Anonymous said...

I was there with my best friend Janet! We had great seats main floor 11 row. My Mom took us. We went right up front. Tam Paton was in the audience n we got his autograph.

Bibi Rawker said...

I was there too. Does anyone remember the date from the Roller concert?? Check out Leslie's Rollermania page on Facebook!

Hannes A. Jónsson said...

Aug. 11 – Sept. 3, 1976:
14 city tour of the U.S. and Canada, beginning August 11 in Toronto and running thru Sept. 3 in Atlanta, GA. Other cities: Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Edmonton.


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