February 23, 2011

Uptown Folk Fair, Kenmore and Sunnyside, Chicago 1961

Judy Alt, an employee of the Uptown Federal Savings Bank, enjoying some cotton candy while the Uptown Folk Fair goes on beneath her, August 26, 1961 at Kenmore and Sunnyside in Chicago.

Original image available (at time of posting) from here: Uptown Folkfest


Hey Dick said...

That must be Stewart School on the right. I spent 5 years there in the early to mid 40's. Mary Sullivan was the principal. Miss Dennison was a fourth grade teacher. Her brother was the Monsignor at St. Mary's and a long black limo would pick her up after school every day.

There were some great teachers there, like my 7th grade science teacher. Can't remember her name. But, sorry to say, there were more mediocre ones. Also, a number of old bats who certainly shouldn't have been teaching grammar school kids.

bill Matteson said...

"Hey Dick"
write me wgmatteson1@att.net



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