February 23, 2011

More Photos from Graeme Stewart in the 1950s

Editor's note: We've had a number of reunions this week! Since we started posting old class pictures, a number of readers who were classmates way back when have found each other! These were sent in by Marilynne Marcos, who grew up in Uptown. Do you recognize yourself in the images? Drop a line in the comments section! (To view larger versions, click on image and then click again.)


Bobbie said...

I recognize Marilynne in the first Grame Stewart pic she posted !! I also went to that grammer school (kindergarten-8th) and Graduated 8th, but then moved to the near noth side to go on to Von Steuben HS. I had the unique pleasure of returning to Grame Stewart in 1969 a a substitute teacher (which was strange!!) for a short time. My name was Roberta Amsterdam and I think these pictures and this website is great & has awakened some long forgotten memories of what a calm & happy childhood was had in that neighborhood!!
Thanks!! Bobbie

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
Are you in my two class pictures and/or in either of the two class pictures Marilynne posted?

Cheryl Peck

fishing adventures said...

I am so glad to see my pictures still posted marilynne marcos jawitz


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