January 21, 2011

Carson's Restaurant, 6162 N. Broadway, Edgewater, Chicago in 1957

Original image available at time of posting from here: Carson's in Edgewater

Chuckman's Chicago Nostalgia has an interior view:


Steve R said...

Wonderful photo of the Granville/Broadway area from the 50s. Do you know if this is the same family that later operated the Carsons Ribs restaurant at Ridge and Clark and several other locations?

Joanne said...

I tried a quick Google search on my break and found out Chris Carson developed a number of franchises in the Chicago area, including the Peter Pan hamburger chain and Carson's Ribs. I didn't find anything that definitively said he also owned Carson's Prime Rib on Broadway, but wouldn't doubt it. Does anyone else know for sure?

Subject of interest said...

Chris Carson and family definately owned Carson"s Ribs on Ridge. I think there was one downtown, too. The one on Broadway was The Millionaire's Club for a while. Their offices were on Broadway and Balmoral. I lived next door.

magi said...

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