December 19, 2010

Living Next to the "New" Uptown Theatre, Chicago

Reader Gail Scholl writes:

My Dad was born in 1912. At that time they lived by Chase Park. But [when he was] about 8 or 9 they moved to Magnolia Avenue right next to the site that became the Uptown. At that time there was a 2-flat building next to them. My Aunts told us about how that building was moved down the block (they always pointed out the building to us). Guess it was a big thing then, moving a building. Then the Uptown was built next door to them.

Also, Weisman Furniture and the Candy Drum were next to the Uptown on Broadway. We were friends with the Weisman daughter and she showed us old newspapers that show the Weisman's sold some of the land that became the Uptown Theater. Having a father and aunts that grew up in the same neighborhood we did, we ended up with lots of their friends working in the stores and shops in the neighborhood and everyone watched and knew us. We always knew if we did anything wrong, someone would call our Dad. (They actually did a couple times).

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Gail's old building, as seen on Google:

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Update from Gail: Behind our back yard was an alley and Weisman's Furniture. Kitty corner was the fire department on Ainslie. Have good memories from there also. We even got to slide down the fire pole. The building that was moved was on the west side of Magnolia and about halfway after Ainslie. But I doubt I would recognize it.

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Anonymous said...

Great story! I used to walk by that house every day.


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