December 16, 2010

Kenmore and Winthrop to Go One Way, 1951

Mrs. Violet Rubecamp reading one of the notices from the Chicago Police Department informing citizens that Kenmore Avenue and Winthrop Avenue would be one way streets during the repaving of Sheridan Road, October of 1951. The note also reminded people that there are several NO PARKING signs on Kenmore and Winthrop that are being ignored.

Original image available (at time of posting) from here: Winthrop and Kenmore

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Anonymous said...

mrs. violet rubecamp is my mother. she is now 87 years old and living well in las vegas. she married my father at end of WW11 in wolverhampton, england, where he was stationed with the U.S. Aircorps. i was born in chicago, but along with the rest of my family spent most of our years in california.


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