December 2, 2010

Arcadia Ballroom at Night, Broadway Near Wilson, Uptown Chicago

We've been on a lucky streak lately when it comes to finding rare images of Uptown. I won this one at auction earlier this evening. It's the first photo I've seen of the Arcadia Ballroom all lit up. Enjoy!


Uptown Updater said...


bill matteson said...

We went to the Arcadia on a weekly basis, But it was a roller rink then.
I think it cost 12 cents to get in and you could skate all day.
It had a wooden floor, then they closed it down and covered the wood with a blue liquid plastic
The organist was fantastic and regulated the skating by the music played,I bought shoe skates on credit for 50 cents a week,
Bill Matteson

Jim Preston said...

I skated there about 4 times a week. Met my first girl friend there(Bonnie Lehman). A wonderful place full of great memories. The organist was fantastic. His name was Chuck Pruitt. I went in the Air Force in 1957 and was sorry to hear the placed burned down. Roller Derby skates and the speed club. Life couldn't have been better. Foxtrot anyone!


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