December 3, 2010

Andersonville History and Culture

Simon's Tavern - Andersonville - Chicago
A nice article in the Trib today about Andersonville. Here's an excerpt:

Andersonville...the North Side neighborhood that started as a modest Scandinavian settlement after the Great Fire of 1871 and boomed in the early 20th century to boast the largest concentration of Swedes this side of Stockholm. Like so many developments, the initial draw was location, location, location — in this case, a farming area far enough from downtown's post-fire regulations against building wooden houses. The Swedes knew how to work and live off the land, and the more who settled in that stretch a few miles north of downtown, the more attractive it was for others to immigrate. These days, Andersonville draws in part for its residual Scandinavian heritage (there are little clues everywhere, from the decoratively painted wooden dala horse to a Swedish flag welded from neon), but mostly because of that small-town aura that it has managed to maintain...

Read the whole article here: Small Town in the City

Image above courtesy Flickr by user Mark 2400; posted here using Flickr's "Share This/Blog This" feature.

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