November 13, 2010

W. C. Goudy School, Chicago

The seller of this image has it listed as W. C. Grady School, but I'm pretty certain it is W. C. Goudy, although I don't recognize the building itself. I couldn't find any info on a Grady school in Edgewater.

Seller has it listed here: W. C. Goudy Thoughts on the perspective?


Anonymous said...

I also went to school there, from 1959 to 1965. Then to Stockton school.

Anonymous said...

Goudy was never a 4 story building and the corner, which could only be Foster and Winthrop. Goudy has had a flat front that I can remember from the early 40's.

Joanne said...

I can't find any reference to a Grady school in early CPS documents; I'm still thinking--after blowing up the image--is says W. C. Goudy on the postcard, not Grady. It doesn't look anything like the building today, of course, so I wonder if it's possible that there was once a different location?

So far, I have come up with these references in early CPS reports:

Mr. McLaren, Chairman of the Committee on Buildings and Grounds, presented a report of the Committee stating that the Argyle Park School building was so far advanced that it was necessary to determine upon a name for the building. In order that the name may be placed on the tablet, and that the Committee recommended that the building be named the "W. C. Goudy School," in honor of William C. Goudy.

Another reference, from 1892, mentions the opening of the school: "The opening of the W.C. Goudy school building at Argyle Park will provide for the pupils of the Argyle Park Branch of the Andersenville School."

The Annual Report from 1897 mentions an address: "Andersenville Branch, W. C. Goudy, SW Corner Clark and N. 59th".

I need to determine for sure what old N. 59th is now called. Of course, I could probably just call the Goudy school for some help, but that's too easy.

Anonymous said...

The building pictured is the W.C. Goudy school. However, it is not the current school on the site. The school in the view was the first building, which was later replaced by the current building. The location, however, is the same.

W.C. Goudy was an attorney and the developer of Argyle park.

Joanne said...

Hey Anonymous -- Do you know when the current building replaced this one?


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