November 4, 2010

Giant Carp Caught at Montrose Harbor, 1957 and 1959

I don't think I've seen anything this big pulled out of Montrose Harbor before.

Original caption: Sam Smith get help from grandkids Roger and Adrienne Kahan,who had caught huge carp fish from Montrose Harbor. Oct 8 1957

Original caption: John Sares and Leo Kobus hold up 100lbs of carp caught by Bill Green and John Tracus, owner of Park Bait Shop at foot of Montrose Ave

For those of you who fish the lake, what's the biggest fish you've ever caught?

Top image available here: Grandad and Kids Bottom image here: Bait Shop

1 comment:

William said...

Amazing photography. This is too much oldest picture. Very good and nice article written by you. You such a amazing guy. I like this very much.


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