November 11, 2010

1933 Oldsmobile Ad Featuring Edgewater Beach Hotel

Original magazine ad featuring the Edgewater Beach Hotel.

Get it here: Edgewater Oldsmobile Advertisement


Unknown said...

Nice to know about this Vintage car. Its really very impressive in look. I am full interested in these cars because of their value and style and old experience.Nice work don on this blog, its really very interesting. However if you want to check the Vin of your car so side a look on oldsmobile vin number search.

Pablo T said...

I'm ready to argue because retro cars are more for fun, than a vehicle. I already dream of Tesla Model 3, which was recently introduced. And my car (Ford Mustang VI) I bought from my colleague, checking the characteristics of the car before buying using VIN code. Despite the fact that a number of cars with a gasoline engine mega-wide, I still worried about the ecological situation on the planet and of course, the economic feasibility the vehicle.


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