October 18, 2010

Fran's Grocery Store, Ainslie and Bell, 1962

This little grocery is just around the corner from where my mom lived on Hermitage (near Ainslie) in 1962, the year this photo was taken. I'll have to ask her if she remembers it.

Original image available here: Ainslie and Bell The location today:

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Unknown said...

This was a bustling local store that sold penny candy, milk, cigarettes, and some other necessities.

Around 1965 it became "Jack's", (possibly Fran's husband?) then around 1975 Jack sold to "Tony" who lived above the liquor store on Lawrence ave. (Cutlers?)

Sometime in the 80's the DuLong family bought the building and converted it to a single family home.

Anonymous said...

I grew up a block away on Oakley in the early 60's. My Mom used to send me to Jack's frequently to buy milk, juice, Twinkies or a fresh coffee cake that Jack sold in the glass case at the front counter. If I had extra $, my Mom would let me buy penny candy for myself and my brothers. Good, innocent times where my parents wouldn't have to worry sending me by myself to the corner store. I was lucky to have grown up in the 60's. Great memories of that neighborhood, Chappell school and Winnemac Park.

Anonymous said...

I lived at the north end of the block on Argyle about 1967 when I was five to about 1974(?). We would go down and get an RC Cola trying to get a winner bottlecap. Thanks for the picture, it's just as I remember it.

Doug Griffin

Anonymous said...

Grew up around the block from Jack's in the mid 1960's. We would walk or ride our bikes and buy candy and baseball cards, and like the other poster said, I remember the glass case at the front counter that had cakes. My parents had a blue Ford Galaxy, similar to the white one in the picture. Yes, thanks for posting this picture, as it brings back happy memories and this corner store is exactly how I remember it.


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