October 15, 2010

Carmen and Broadway, Uptown Chicago, 1960

Another great find from our favorite eBay seller. We've purchased a number of digital images from this seller's collection, and we hope to eventually find another spot in Uptown to display them. (If you haven't seen the historic images displayed at Fat Cat, it's worth a visit. Many of the enlargements of old postcards and other images of Uptown were made from our collection.)

This image shows the intersection of Carmen and Broadway in Uptown in 1960. 

While today it's a rather non-descript building (as seen on Google)...

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...it once housed the 5100 Club.

The 5100 Club was a forerunner of today's standup comedy club. It's also where Danny Thomas got his start. He was working a three-year contract gig at the 5100 in the late 1940s when he was discovered by the head of the William Morris Agency. He later went on to star in the very popular Make Room for Daddy / The Danny Thomas Show.


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