October 15, 2010

Blessing of Cuneo Hospital, 750 Montrose at Clarendon, Chicago

This image is of particular interest to me, because I was born at Cuneo Hospital. Although we moved out to the suburbs when I was a wee toddler, I was born an Uptown Girl.

From ChicagoHospitals.info:


The first reference in the Chicago Tribune's Historical Index to this hospital appears on July 7, 1944. It notes a benefit by the ladies' auxiliary for the Frank Cuneo Memorial Hospital. It notes the hospital at Montrose and Clarendon Streets was endowed by the late Frank Cuneo

A Chicago Tribune article on July 23, 1944 notes a substantial addition to the hospital has been made by John F Cuneo, who donated an apartment building on the northwest corner of Montrose and Clarendon. This gave the hospital a block long frontage on Clarendon, between Montrose and Agatite

Part of the block of flats will be used for living quarters for the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred heart. Nurses, interns and the hospital chaplain will also live there.

The other wing of the apartment building will be utilized as a children's hospital. This would be the first Catholic children's hospital in the city of Chicago.

At closure

100 beds

closed 1988

Purchase image here: Cuneo Hospital


Mary Strok said...

I'm an "uptpwn gal" as well. Born at Cuneo. WHen's your birthday?

Alison said...

I was also born there, and since my mother died when I was eight years old, I never did know what I weighed. Does anyone know how one goes about getting medical records from Cuneo. I was born in 1948.

Harry K said...

I was also born at Cuneo. Try calling the city clerk's office of vital statistics. I doubt medical records from that time exist anymore. You can always obtain an actual certified copy of your birth certificate from Springfield. I think the cost is around $15-20

Anonymous said...

Being adopted,I just now found out I was born at Cuneo Hospital in 1959 but then abandoned by my mother,her name was Patricia Anne Roney looking for her family now she was married to edward Pratt

Anonymous said...

anyone having any information can contact me at bigbread_ed2008@yahoo.com

anitaArg said...

I had an appendectomy at Cuneo when I was 9 years old. This was in 1955 or 1956, before the new building was built. It was a dark brick building (which I believe used to be an apartment building) that faced on Clarendon, but I don't know for sure if it was the corner building referenced in the second paragraph (under "Beginnings"). It probably was though.

Anonymous said...

My sister and I were both born at Cuneo - me (a month premature) in August, 1950 and her on today's date in May, 1955.

Anonymous said...

I was born there in 1950. I have the certificate. Where was the original building. I think it was a block or so away from the newer one. Does anyone know if they practiced Thymus radiation on Newborns there?


Anonymous said...

I was born at Cuneo in March of 1951. Are there any photos of the hospital as it was at that time? Sharron Lynne

Anonymous said...


There is a picture of the hospital circa 1948, was originally Lake View hospital and named Cuneo when the apartment building, that was added to the existing structure, was donated by Frank Cuneo.

Unknown said...

My Aunt was born at Lakeview Hospital in 1934. Does anyone know how I can obtain the medical record from that time period. There is a mystery regarding her birth. Any help would be great, i have her birth cert, but would like to see medical record. cindyk....

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Josephy said...

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