August 23, 2010

U.S. appeals asylum decision for woman from war-torn Uganda living in Uptown

Editor's note: Uptown has long been and continues to be home to immigrant groups and migrant waves, some from other parts of the country, some from other parts of the world. This is one woman's story.

An uncertain fate in Chicago, despite winning asylum
U.S. appeals decision for woman from war-torn Uganda, which puts her life in legal limbo

August 22, 2010
BY KARA SPAK Staff Reporter

In a Catholic church in Uptown, Regina Othola prays. She prays for courage. She prays for hope. And sometimes, Othola, 30, prays to forget. To forget how she was abducted back home in Uganda by her own father. How he took her to a rebel camp, to curry favor with leaders there, where she was told she had a choice. Join the rebels or die. She tries to forget the horrors endured during two weeks at the camp.How she was forced at gunpoint to hit another prisoner. She tries to forget how she ran the first chance she had, all the way back to her home, but not to safety. Othola kept running, to America, settling in Uptown, where she found safety but not certainty...

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