July 24, 2010

Another View of the Marine Hospital on Clarendon, Uptown, Chicago

We've previously posted a few images of the Marine Hospital, once located at 4141 N. Clarendon in Uptown, Chicago, but this one is of particular interest because it was taken by Charles R. Childs, who took thousands of images of Chicago neighborhood streets a hundred years ago.

It's currently available at auction here: Marine Hospital


adgorn said...

Great photo. I grew up around the corner on Buena and had a grade school friend whose father was a doctor at the hospital. (I think it had been converted to a public health clinic by then.) They lived in one of the residences that were closer to Marine Drive, and I visited him often.

fishing adventures said...

I remember the Marine hospital...as a child, i wondered if it housed people who came home from the war (WW2)??

bojo2112jon said...

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