March 25, 2010

New Life for the Somerset?

We recently received this comment to one of our posts on the Somerset:

My husband and his partner toured this property last week.

Let me begin by saying, not all developers have green scales for skin and only one motivation. We proudly have a long resume of historic preservation and would like to see this property regain some of it's original grace.

We are busy in the research phase at the moment; and I want to ask-

What (as a community) would you like to see this building become?

In addition to apartments, there is a tremendous amount of open space. The possibilities for retail, a cafe/restaurant, and on the top floor a community room/gym facilities available for the tenants/owners...
(as part of my research I'm looking into if I think I could find someone to do a joke, they were all the rage in 1920's and there was one in the building originally!) Cool or not?

Obviously a new, more thoughtfully planned facade is a must...sadly it would take a lot of resources and a lot of time to recreate the terra cotta facade that once was eventual goal perhaps.

Kindly reply.
Developer's wife...

PS. this is of course NOT a "done deal" at this stage in the game.
So fellow Uptowners, any reuse ideas for the Somerset?


FGFM said...

Fish farm.

Anonymous said...

I like the cafeteria idea. I'd like some retail in this part of the neighborhood that isn't specifically tied to any particular ethnicity (I love Argyle, shopping and dining there multiple times per month, but I'd also like some variety within walking distance to my home). I would also be interested in a floor or two of decent hotel rooms for my guests who come visit, but have no neighborhood options. And I'd like rental apartments.

Anonymous said...

A 24-hour diner!

Anonymous said...

I agree, a 24 hour diner and some retail shops would do wonders for that corner. I think a cafeteria is a fantastic idea, especially with so many young families in the area.

Anonymous said...

A hotel. There are no decent accommodations in Uptown or Edgewater.

Anonymous said...

A hotel(or rentable units) so my family has a close and hopefully less expensive place to stay near me rather than having to go downtown. NOT an hourly type place either though. :-)

We also need more restaurants (carry-out too) in the area.

Or even a pub/sports bar too. Don't always want to go to Andersonville to have a drink.

I guess everything that was already said.

Anonymous said...

Was this building once the Hotel Flanders? If so, it once housed a radio station (WHFC - Hotel Flanders Chicago) that later moved to Cicero and became WVON. There once were two arials on the roof and broadcasts of dance music from the ballroom.

Anonymous said...

tSo much potential - and an architectual gem indeed. Apartments are a given - and a nice use of retail space - perhaps even a nightclub for the top - but before too much ambition prevents success, parking is going to have to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

A Grant could be possible with the new administration for development.
Apartments, retail stores and a Synagogue woul be a great addition to a needed rehab in Edgewater,


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