August 22, 2009

Uptown's Buena Park: A Historic, Diverse Chicago Neighborhood Along the Lakefront

Editor's Note: Although the reporter missed the fact that Buena Park (like Margate Park, Andersonville Terrace, Argyle Park, Truman Square, Lakeside, Clarendon Park, and Sheridan Park) is part of Uptown, and not adjacent to it, all in all not a bad profile.

Buena Park: Tucked away next to everything

A historic, diverse neighborhood along the lakefront

"I never considered living north of Irving Park," said Khoi Nguyen, speaking from his three-bedroom condominium in Buena Park. Yet Nguyen and his partner packed up in November and left their contemporary home in the John Hancock Center on Michigan Avenue for a vintage building in historic Buena Park.

"Like most people, I was rigid when it came to looking [for a new home]," he said. "I wanted this, that, everything." The two looked in Lakeview and farther north but were disappointed in the cookie-cutter floor plans that they found. When they finally visited Buena Park, the professor says they were taken by surprise.

"I was amazed even," Nguyen said, referring to the range of properties in the small residential enclave that is bordered on the north by Montrose Avenue and Irving Park Road to the south, and from 1100 west in Graceland Cemetery to Marine Drive to the east...

Read more at Buena Park.

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