May 6, 2009

Uptown at Lawrence and Broadway w/ Uptown Theatre, Goldblatts, 1964

Thanks to one of our readers for pointing these out. Currently available on eBay are two vintage negatives of Uptown street scenes. Based on the release date of one of the movies on the marquee of the Uptown Theatre, these are from 1964. Go to and search for items 170326795188 and 170326796034. The auctions end today.


Uptown Updater said...

Amazing. It's interesting to note that the Riv building was already covered in the tacky tan siding in 1964.

chicago web design said...

That's amazing, it's killer how much has changed except for the Riviera and that tall building in the back.

Tonia said...

So THAT's the Golden Pheasant! My dad always mentions it when we drive past that corner.

Joanne said...

UU--But then it would have been new and modern!

Tonia--I've caught a number of references to the Golden Pheasant; I was glad to see a picture, too.

CWD--This is my favorite intersection in Uptown; I wonder what it will look like in another 45 years.

Anonymous said...

Do you notice any "consistencies" in those two pictures from when Uptown was an actual place to be or visit? I didn't either.

Rick Aiello said...

Wow... Nelson Brothers! Goldblatt's! The Riv showing movies! The UPTOWN showing movies. What wonderful photos these are. And how nice that the Riv building has already been so nicely restored (that covering was ATROCIOUS).

Joanne said...

That metal cladding was just awful, wasn't it? It was quite the pleasant surprise to see the Riv Building restored. Wish the economy was better so we can see some similar projects.

old guy said...

I saw lilies of the field at the uptown and in the photo I see that movie listed on the marquee. its funny when I look at that photo and see all the people and how they looked in that place and time it seems almost like a dream. In the late 60's I saw Gone with the Wind at the Uptown and in the scene where Atlanta is burning and on that giant movie screen it was so bright and vivid you could almost feel the heat.
The Uptown theater really spoiled me growing up because I have yet to find a movie theater that even comes close. Its was truly spectacular.


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