September 9, 2008

The Shenandoah, Sunnyside and Kenmore Avenues

I'm not sure about the vantage point in this postcard image--which corner of Sunnyside and Kenmore are we looking at? I wonder if this stood on what is now the parking lot next to Graeme Stewart Elementary, on the northeast corner.

Top image courtesy John Chuckman. Middle image courtesy Google. Bottom image courtesy


BW said...

Isn't that the only 90-degree corner of Sunnyside and Kenmore, since Broadway is right there? I think you can see that angle to the right edge of the postcard.

Joanne said...

I think so. The only reference I could find to it online was from Early Chicago Hotels, where it is described as being "north of Graceland Cemetery."

uptownjen said...

isn't it funny that one of the entries looks like it's sagging in that last picture?

Joanne said...

I hadn't noticed. :-) I just realized there was a cafe in the basement level, too. We could use a good cafe around there now.

Anonymous said...

the Shenandoah sat on the s.w. corner of sheridan and sunnyside

Penny said...

Last post by anonymous is correct.
I went to Stewart School from 1957 to 1964, lived on 900 block of Sunnyside and walked past this building every day. It was Sunnyside and Sheridan. The school was on Kenmore but Kenmore ended there because of the diagonal street Broadway. Kenmore picks up again at Montrose runnimg south.

old guy said...

I was looking at one of the photo's from 1936 and on the SW corner of sunnyside and sheridan you can see the same building that is standing there today and I was thinking that the Shenandoah maybe was at kenmore and sunnyside like the photo notes. I noticed what I think is a fire hydrant in the hotel picture that is on kenmore and sunnyside. quite a few of Chicago's fire hydrants have been in place for a hundred or more years.


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