September 6, 2008

Ravenswood Manor to Be Designated Historic District

Editor's Note: Nearby neighborhood Ravenswood Manor (between Lawrence and Montrose, from the river west to Sacramento) is a favorite of mine. I will occasionally go out of my way to be able to drive down some of its streets. Congratulations on this designation!

Ravenswood Manor to be designated historic district
Residents may be entitled to significant benefits

by Jessica Pupovac

Gary Smith says that the first time he drove through Ravenswood Manor, "it was like the clouds opened, the birds started singing, all the colors came in."

Twenty-some years later, Smith says his enchantment with the neighborhood, which he has called home since 1989, continues to this day.

Ravenswood Manor, centered upon the intersection of Kimball and Lawrence avenues, is a dense commercial and residential district was built along the Northwestern Elevated Railroad's Ravenswood Branch just a few years after that line was completed in 1907. It stretches from Sacramento Avenue in the west to the North Branch of the Chicago River in the east, and runs between Lawrence and Montrose avenues...

For complete story, go here.

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