August 11, 2008

Vintage Aragon Ballroom Documentary

This mini TV documentary about the Aragon Ballroom was shot in the mid-seventies (at a time when it was sometimes called the Scare-agon Brawlroom). It's a nostaglic look of what the ballroom was like when people actually went there to dance. There's even an interview with the son of the man who built the ballroom, who was acting as manager at the time.

Be sure to watch past the moment with the blue screen, about two minutes before the end of the film. There's an unrelated short video with a seventies couple dancing at the Aragon.

If the embedded video is not visible, you can go directly to: Documentary About The Aragon Ballroom.


Uptown Updater said...

That is an amazing find, Green Fairy. Thanks for sharing it!

Joanne said...

Yeah--I was pretty psyched to see it, too. I especially liked the part where they said 6000 people (or was it couples?) met their spouse while dancing at the Aragon.

uptownjen said...

love this! thanks so much for sharing it with us!

heywally said...

Thanks very much - very interesting! I think back at how amazing it was that we were able to see bands like Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, Ten Years After, B.B. King, Humble Pie, Grand Funk, etc etc etc for $5 and in such a wonderful place as the Aragon. I'm still looking for a list of all of the concerts there from (1969?)1970-1971.

Joanne said...


The Aragon site has a concert log for everything that played there starting in May 1970. To get there, go to Click on where it says "About" and then click "See more" under Concert Log. The list of concerts pops up.


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