May 15, 2008

Uptown Chicago Wiki Coming Soon!

May 15, 2008
Uptown Chicago

Compass Rose Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a brand new Wiki for the Uptown Chicago community.

"If you are familiar with Wikipedia," says Ted Calhoun, president of Compass Rose Technologies, "this is essentially the same concept. Any user will be able to create, modify, and edit content. With hundreds of articles already input and six interactive maps, the Uptown Chicago Wiki is one of the most complete neighborhood wikis around.

"A lot of effort has gone into this project; we've been working with community members and organizations on it since last summer. We're very excited about the benefits a local Wiki can offer the Uptown community. Unlike a blog or other types of community Web sites, anyone will be able to create new entries. All of the articles contained within will relate in some way to Uptown. If you own a business you'd like your neighbors to know about, know of a restaurant that shouldn't be missed, or a historic building you'd like to share the history of, we welcome the addition to the site. The possibilities are endless. And every entry that includes an address will also show up on one or more of the interactive maps."

The Uptown Chicago Wiki is scheduled to go live early June. If you would like more information or to take part in the beta testing, please write Ted Calhoun at



Uptown Updater said...

This is great folks. Thanks for taking the time do this!

Joanne said...

Thanks! We're pretty excited about it. There's even a page about the Uptown Update. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is great news. Can't wait to see it!

WDL said...

I'd love more updates!


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