March 29, 2008

Jumpin' at the Green Mill, The Mighty Blue Kings

I found this great jazz tune called Jumpin' at the Green Mill by The Mighty Blue Kings. It's available as an mp3.

Let's go on out and have a party tonight
Ride your wick *
Put on your fancy clothes
We'll go to that place that everybody knows
We'll be jumping, having ourselves a time!
We'll be jumpin' at the Green Mill...

*I think they're saying "Wick," I can't quite tell!


Anonymous said...

actually, the lyric you are wondering about is "grab your wig" which makes sence within the context of the other lyrics. i just spent an hour searching for this song online to find the song name or artist based on the lyrics. I *FINALLY* found it based on ur posting. Thank you!

Joanne said...

Ah, you're probably right. That makes more sense. Thanks so much!


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