March 10, 2008

Granada Theatre, Sheridan at the Loyola Stop, 1990

If you've hung around this blog a while, you'll know I'm a strong supporter of restoring the Uptown Theatre. I would hate to see it go the way of the Granada, which was nearly as big and just as magnificent--and probably in better condition than the Uptown when it was torn down.

Here's a photo I found on Flickr by user Genial23:

The photographer describes the demolition as: "one of the more heinous acts of vandalism committed by local real estate developers in the last 20 years."


adgorn said...

I remember my little sister and I went to see Todd Rundgren at the Granada on Dec 29, 1979.

daveplomin said...

The Granada was in a LOT better shape than the Uptown is. It was considered the most "intact movie palace", and yet the powers that be in the neighborhood conspired to tear it down, from the alderman to Loyola University. The could have saved the facade and lobby and torn down the theater portion, but small minds with small ideas seem to rule these days. Rogers park has lost a memorable landmark that can never be replaced.

Joanne said...

I agree, Dave. It makes me so mad whenever I see these pics--and when I drive down the street and see the bland and boring building that replaced it...grrr. Chicago has long been known for its amazing architecture; we don't deserve that reputation when we keep tearing down the old.

Some of the terracotta from the Granada was reused at the Sanfilippo Estate, which, if you've never been there, is worth a visit. Sanfilippo has the world's largest restored theatre pipe organ, and a concert there is simply amazing. Parts of the Granada organ were used in its assembly.(You can see the chandeliers from the Uptown there, too, which are held in safekeeping pending a restoration.)


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