November 21, 2007

Uptown's American Indian Center Hosts Successful Powwow

Chicago’s American Indian Center, located at 1630 W. Wilson in Uptown, recently hosted its 54th annual powwow around the theme “Honoring Our Tribal Nations.” About 200 dancers and 10 different drum groups gathered in Chicago to celebrate. Read about the event and learn more about the history of Chicago's Native American population by visiting Medill Reports and the American Indian Center. View historic photos of Native Americans in Chicago at the Library of Congress.

Thumbnail image of totem pole, 1929. To see full size image, go to the Library of Congress. Caption reads: "Image of a group of Native American adults and children wearing traditional Native American clothing and headdresses standing next to a totem pole on a field in Chicago, Illinois, holding up their hands toward to totem pole. A crowd is standing in the background." A replica of the totem pole is located at Addison and the Lake near the north tip of Belmont Harbor, where the bike trail turns into Belmont Harbor Drive going south; the original was returned to the Haidan people in 1985.


Anonymous said...

You are a half mile too far south with your location of the Totem Pole. It is at Addison, not Belmont.

Green Fairy said...

Yeah, I was thinking Belmont Harbor/Belmont Harbor Drive; sorry for the confusion.

lzutovsky said...

TOTEM POLE at addison and LSD,beautiful it use to get repainted every year by the native americans,cant remember when they stopped,it was a landmark and meeting place for many

Anonymous said...

Wow amazing helped me with art thanks

Anonymous said...

thankyou so muchh

Olivia Adam said...

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