November 12, 2007

Sheridan Trust and Savings (Uptown Bank) to Be Designated a City Landmark

Thumbnail image of the Sheridan Trust and Savings Bank, Uptown, Chicago, 1924. If the building looks strange to you, that’s because it’s four stories shorter than its current height. Located at Broadway and Lawrence. Image courtesy University of Minnesota Libraries, Manuscripts Division, Northwest Architectural Archives.

City seeks landmark status for 13 banks: Designation would protect unique building

November 11, 2007

by David Roeder

Chicagoans know them as foursquare dependable anchors of old commercial streets and also the most ambitious architecture in their neighborhoods, except maybe for the churches.

They are the bank buildings, festooned with arches, balustrades, columns or soaring first floors. They were designed to convey security and permanence. Some even placed the bank vaults front and center so the customers could see exactly where the money went.

City officials believe they merit landmark status. Acting on a recommendation from city planners, the Commission on Chicago Landmarks has opened the landmark designation process for 13 bank buildings.

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