November 18, 2007

Killer on Argyle Street

A faceless killer is murdering the members of a car-theft ring, and Paul Whelan is hired to find a boy who may have seen the murderer, a man with a chameleon-like ability to change his appearance. Whelan’s search leads him to Argyle Street, the busy, exotic Asian strip at the edge of the Uptown neighborhood, where all the evidence suggests that the murderer may already have gotten the boy. Along the way Whelan learns that another man is involved, a boyhood friend Whelan had believed to be dead, and Whelan comes to believe that more than one person is involved in the murders.
Killer on Argyle Street is part of the Paul Whelan mystery series developed by Uptown author Michael Raleigh. His other books include Death in Uptown, A Body in Belmont Harbor, The Riverview Murders, and The Maxwell Street Blues. Raleigh currently teaches English at Truman College.

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