September 17, 2007

Uptown Chicago History in The Reader

In March of 2007, The Chicago Reader launched its "neighborhoods project," profiling various neighborhoods across the Windy City. The very first neighborhood they selected to feature was Uptown, and they included a nice history:

MORE THAN MOST neighborhoods, Uptown is a microcosm of Chicago. Like Chicago, it’s a raging mix of elegant and scruffy that ends in a gilded lakefront. Like Chicago, it looks diverse from a distance and balkanized up close. And like Chicago it has not one history but a kaleidoscopeful. It’s home to peregrine falcons, Mr. Leather, the Aquitania, Jesus People USA, Lincoln Towing, the city’s last cage hotel, the American Indian Center, and what may be the world’s ugliest Buddhist temple. “It is hard to believe that such a compact area contains so much variety,” the late David Fremon wrote in 1990...

The rest of the article can be found at The Chicago Reader online.

The image shows Douglas Fairbanks, Charlotte Smith, Mary Pickford, and Charlie Chaplin in 1918.

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