September 28, 2007

Green Mill Gardens, Chicago

I picked this up early last year. It is one of my favorite Uptown memorabilia pieces. It's a simple dinner plate from the early days of the Green Mill Jazz Club, when it boasted a rather extensive beer garden.

I am always interested in buying Uptown collectibles. If you have something of interest, please drop me a line.


JACK said...

Love the blog.

I've got to ask (assuming your willing to reveal): where do you get your hands on all of this Uptown stuff? Maybe I'm oblivious, but I've lived in the neighborhood going on 8 years now, and I've not run into anywhere near what you have. Thanks for sharing some of your collection with all of us!

Joanne said...

Sure, I don't mind sharing one of them. Kane County Flea Market is a good source for postcards. The Web site is:

There are several dealers who sell nothing but postcards, but you have to spend a lot of time going through the boxes. The next market is October 6/7.

There are two antique stores in Broadway that sell a lot of area memorabilia, although they tend to be rather pricey.

Other images come from friends, or online collections such as John Chuckman's Chicago collection.

Then, of course, there is eBay, but I tend to get outbid more often then not. :-)


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